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Summer College AmbassadorTheir Summer College Story
Photo of student Petey Peterson in front of Hall of Languages
Petey Peterson
Sport Management
Summer College
Class of 2018
This past summer, I participated in the Sport Management program in the Syracuse Summer College Program. I had a great experience living in Shaw Hall, taking classes at Falk College, and meeting fellow high school students from around the country. Living in the dorms gave me a valuable experience about what college life at Syracuse is really like. My classes were awesome and I really got to know my professor, Mr. Wolohan. His enthusiasm for Sport Management solidified my passion to pursue my major in this field. Being one of the few students from California, I would advocate to other kids on the West Coast how great Syracuse is. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at Syracuse!

After participating in the summer program, I now know with 100% certainty that I want to major in Sport Management. I enjoyed my time at Syracuse so much that it is my first choice college and I will be applying as an Early Decision applicant. My experience last summer at Syracuse put me in a unique position — I started my senior year of high school knowing where I want to go to college and the field I want to study! I am thankful I had this opportunity.

Student, Adore Ellis, pictured in the Syracuse Dome
Adore Ellis
Fashion and Accessories Design
Summer College
Class of 2018
I still could not believe it, when I arrived on July 14th, I instantly fell in love with the Syracuse University campus and energy. I was amazed at how big and unique the campus was. Everyone helping us to get moved in and settled was so patient, and understanding that we were far from home. When my classes began, it was exhilarating taking a campus bus to the warehouse, where Fashion classes were being held. Once I arrived on the 7th floor, my breath was taken away. It made me love the idea of becoming a fashion designer even more. I loved this creative space. I met my professors and the session began. I learned how to train my mind to think fast and effectively, making sure my work was always handed in on time, and the importance of working in teams.
Photo of Summer College Student, Morgan Besse
Morgan Besse
Environmental and Interior Design
Summer College
Class of 2017
I have always known that Interior Design was something that I was interested in. Knowing which program is right for you is all about knowing who you are. I wanted to participate in a summer program because I knew it would help me decide whether or not Environmental and Interior Design was the right major for me. It turns out it is! I was lucky in the sense that I always knew what I wanted to major in, but if you don’t know that’s perfectly fine. College is all about finding who you are and what you want out of life. As long as you expose yourself and create opportunities that's the best track you can be on.

Finally, I really wanted to show Syracuse that I was really dedicated to their school and have aspirations to attend their university. The best part about Syracuse was making lifelong friends. I didn't realize I would meet such a diverse and amazing group of people when I first went to Syracuse. Honestly they are what made Syracuse such an amazing experience.
Photo of Summer College Student, Nicole Doyle
Nicole Doyle
Media Literacy, Popular Culture & Democracy
Summer College
Class of 2014
Syracuse University has been my dream school since my freshman year. Therefore, when I learned about Summer College at SU, I leaped at the opportunity. I was ecstatic when I learned that I was accepted into the Media Literacy, Democracy and Popular Culture program. This course meant being at SU for six weeks, which is a long time being away from my family and friends at home and it also meant being in a classroom for most of my summer break. But I knew that this course would change my life and it sure did. My class and I completed several papers, hours of assignments and read what felt like millions of articles and chapters. However, I was finally being challenged, so I savored every second of it. While learning about the society we live in and how I contribute to it, I met tons of friends from all of the programs who I am still in contact with. We did everything together and we pushed each other to do our best, which made it such a positive and loving environment to be a part of. However, I did not realize how much I loved being at Syracuse until my mom came and visited me. When she was boarding her bus, she said to me that it looks like I already belong here and this is already my home and she loves that I am so happy here. This moment is when I knew that my experience at Summer College was all worth it because I made a home at SU and I hope to return to become part of the class of 2019.
Photo of Summer College Student, Abigail Singer
Abigail Singer
Public Communications
Summer College
Class of 2014
Summer College is a life changing experience academically, socially, and personally. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to venture out of Cincinnati, Ohio to spend 6 weeks away attending college classes alone. It was incredible to live with students from different backgrounds and even countries. However, everyone had one thing in common: their drive to succeed and learn. Living in this environment has left me with friends I have regularly kept in contact with well after the program was over. The Public Communications class I took taught me about many aspects of media, which have broadened my view on society, government, and world issues. I learned how to effectively translate my ideas on issues I am passionate about into essays during my writing class. All the professors were extremely helpful and have been able to continue to offer me advice as I finish high school and apply to college. It’s impossible to put into words how much I was able to grow as a person during my time at Syracuse, but I highly recommend it to any high school student looking for a fun, life changing opportunity.