Support your student’s transition to college, long before high school graduation!

Syracuse University Summer College provides high school students with an amazing opportunity to discover their passions and experience college life. As a parent, you no doubt have questions about the Summer College experience. Our FAQs will give you some general information, but as a start, here are some areas you are probably most curious about:

What programs do you offer?

With 2, 3, 4, and 6-week credit and noncredit programs, there’s something for everyone. Your child can build a portfolio or resume,  explore a new interest, or further develop a longstanding talent.

  • 6-week programs most closely mimic the college experience and allow students the opportunity to earn 6 college credits with 2 classes per day.
  • 4-week Architecture program builds upon a student’s understanding and appreciation of architecture through design problems, drawing and modeling exercises, lectures and tutorials, and class discussions.
  • 4-week EducationUSA Academy–for international students only–gives students the chance to increase English language proficiency and college preparation.
  • 3-week Acting and Musical Theater program provides students with the opportunity to learn from an array of professionals in the field, ending with a final performance that brings the crowd to its feet every year.
  • 2-week programs offer the most variety. With only ten days of class, students are in class daily at minimum M-F with most beginning at 9am.  Several of the courses are immersion style and students will be in class, studio or on location longer days and weekends, just like college.

Can’t decide which one? Students can always register for more than one, and take advantage of a multi-program discount!

How does Summer College prepare my child for college?

While they may be in high school back home, Summer College students experience the life of a college student at Syracuse University. They live in a residence hall, eat in a dining hall, and have full access to campus resources such as recreational facilities, tennis courts, sports fields, and pools. Moreover, with balancing classes, homework, and social opportunities, students develop time management skills, independence, and study skills.

Is there specific college preparation?

It’s not just time in the classroom that helps to prepare your child for college. With college applications on the horizon, Summer College wants to help your child learn all there is to know about what can be a rather overwhelming process. There are weekly college prep workshops–free and open to all Summer College participants–in which students learn about college essays, resume building, and more.

What do students do outside of class time?

First and foremost, students make new friends with their roommate, floormates, and classmates! There are activities in the residence hall at night, as well as campus-wide events such as Movies on the Quad. On the weekends, there are field trips to Green Lakes State Park, Niagara Falls, and Darien Lake Theme Park. Or students catch up on homework in the library, sit in the sun on the Quad, walk to a local shop or restaurant, or hang out in one of the residence hall lounges. And there’s more!

What about residence hall policies and procedures, curfew, etc.?

The curfew for students on weeknights is 11:00pm. On weekends (Friday and Saturday nights) it is midnight. Information about our Policy and Procedures can be found in this form.

Overnight/Extended Leave From

If students wish to leave overnight, parents must fill out an Overnight/Extended leave form at least three days prior to leaving campus. Please contact the Summer College office and we will email you a form.

Are there any hotels close to the SU campus?

There are three highly-rated hotels within walking distance to campus: Syracuse Sheraton HotelGenesee Grande Hotel, and Hotel Skyler.

Are you an SU alum?

We offer a 15% discount on tuition and program fees (excludes Room and Board) to children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren!) of Syracuse University Alumni. Program costs vary.

But don’t take our word for it…

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