Program Overview

Taught through a combination of hands on experiential learning techniques, case studies, and in class lectures, Global Financial Systems explores the diverse products and IT infrastructure that underlie the trillions of dollars worth of global trade that occurs daily. Over the course of two weeks, students will peel-back the layers of the 21st century financial system, exploring a diverse set of topics including Blockchain, algorithmic trading, traditional lending, and global equity markets.

Never before has an understanding of how money moves around the world been so important. From US-Sino relations to economic prosperity in our country’s heartland, the efficient extension of capital powers the modern economy in ways both expected and unexpected.

As we journey through the financial landscape together, you’re sure to never look at the world the same. Students will be part of a small community of innovators and creatives who are able to understand how rain in Nebraska effects political stability in Egypt and financial markets in London. This course is for the serious high school student eager to expand his or her worldview and in the process, better understand the levers that private enterprise, government, and society at large are able to pull to achieve greater prosperity.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to spend two weeks of your summer as part of the award winning Summer College program at Syracuse University. Surrounded by best-in-class researchers, academics, and subject matter experts, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of active learning.

Program Objectives

Taught by instructors from the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, students will be able to:

  • Identify various financial products and their delivery methods
  • Map the global financial system through private and public entities
  • Contextualize personal financial planning to the larger market
  • Analyze and present the technical systems of a financial product

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Program Dates & Details Eligibility Requirements Program Cost Program Requirements Typical Day Faculty Bio

Program Dates & Details

Session Dates

Session III: July 27 – August 9, 2019
Duration: 2-weeks


Credit: Noncredit
Grading SystemPass/Fail

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be a minimum of 15 years of age by the orientation and move-in date.  For full Summer College admission requirements, view the Admissions Overview and Eligibility page.

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Program Cost

Program Cost:

  • Residential: $3,360*
  • Commuter: $2,566*

*Please visit our Program Costs page for more detailed information. Program rates are subject to change and will be approved by the board of trustees in March.

Program Requirements

Student Expectations

Above all else, students registering for Global Financial Systems are expected to be active learners. Understanding the complex systems that underpin banking and investment management requires a student to immerse him or herself in the material.

Using both their analytical and the creative skills, students will draw from their past experiences and the course material to achieve greater insight. Students who do not keep up with the reading or fail to participate in lecture will surely fall behind, hurting themselves and their group members.

This is an academically rigorous, college-level program. Students are expected to complete nightly homework assignments and actively participate in group projects. Students are expected to attend all classes every day, arrive on time, and meet all academic obligations. Free time will vary as each program is unique, as is the subsequent workload.

Typical Day

Tentative Schedule

On any given day, students will be attending lecture, working in small groups, and completing course readings to better understand the modern financial system.

Classroom contact hours will run Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with an hour break for lunch. Students can expect persistent out of class homework and required reading.

When class is over, and on weekends, students can look forward to various Summer College trips and activities. Check out our Campus Activities page for more information!

Final Academic Obligation

Students are permitted to leave campus upon the final class on Friday, August 9, 2019 at 4:30pm. If students have any questions regarding their final academic obligation, we encourage them to reach out to their instructor. Please refer to the Move-Out page for important information regarding the checkout process.

Faculty Bios

Braden Croy

Braden currently serves as the Program Manager at the Blackstone LaunchPad, a cross-campus entrepreneurship resource center located in SU’s Bird Library. In this role, he is responsible for both tactical and strategic implementation of the center’s go-to-market strategy. He straddles internal and external communication functions while serving as a liaison between various campus partners. He works daily with student, faculty, and staff startups to help them launch successful businesses across multiple industries and disciplines.

He previously served as Marketing Manager at tuzag, a Syracuse based behavioral marketing technology firm. Within the university environment, Braden served as Director of NEXIS, a student based innovation lab at Syracuse University, where he was responsible for restructuring the labs operations and increasing student engagement across campus. He also served as Assistant Director of the Syracuse Student Sandbox, educating students and consulting for colleges and communities around the world looking to better serve their entrepreneur populations.

Croy holds a B.A. in Human Geography from Virginia Tech and used his time in school to study international development methodologies. While at Virginia Tech, he founded his own ed-tech company and served as President of the Virginia Tech entrepreneur club. His company, Pivotal Testing, was recognized as one of the top 50 most innovative student startups in the world by the Kairos Society in 2013.

About the Blackstone LaunchPad

The Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University is the University’s newest entrepreneur resource center. Located in Bird Library, the LaunchPad serves a diverse population of student, staff, faculty, and alumni entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a business.

Since opening its doors in April of 2016, the LaunchPad has helped over 2,200 entrepreneurs launch more than 350 ventures, collectively winning over $320,000 in business competitions and raising over $3 Million in investment capital. During that same time, the LaunchPad has played host to many highly regarded guest speakers and has helped 45 ventures form into legally incorporated entities with significant growth potential.

Fundamentally, the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University believes that entrepreneurs are stronger together, working hard to build a community of creatives and disrupters. Through peer-to-peer mentoring and venture coaching, the LaunchPad helps turn anyone’s idea into a model business. With support from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Blackstone Group, the LaunchPad’s international network is waiting for you to join.