Summer College has a rich history of drawing students from all over the world and giving them the opportunity to interact and engage with students from across the United States. From China to Colombia, we believe it’s important to have a summer population that truly reflects the global impact of education.

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Syracuse University Summer College, in partnership with The Power of International Education (IIE) and the U.S. Department of State’s EducationUSA network, offers the ultimate American college experience for international high school students. Students can immerse themselves in the English language and culture while living on the campus of Syracuse University, one of the top 100 universities in the U.S. All international high school students will be placed in EducationUSA. Please note that students still must choose their program.

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Application Requirements

Application Deadline for International Students taking a Credit Course:  April 15, 2019

English Proficiency Requirements

All international students are required to complete the associated section of the online application. Applicants from countries where English is not the native language are required to provide evidence of English proficiency.

This may include:

  • TOEFL/IELTS scores*
    • Preferred TOEFL Score= 85
    • Preferred IELTS Score= 6.0
  • documentation that the primary language of instruction is English at the school
  • or a phone/video interview with the director of the program**

*A TOEFL/IELTS score is not required if you are attending a school in the U.S., or one outside the U.S. where the language of instruction during your entire secondary schooling has been English and you are demonstrating strong academic performance.

**Phone or video interview requests can be sent via email to or by calling 315.443.5000.

Passport and Visa

Students must also submit a copy of their passport with their application. This can be done online when submitting the electronic application through Slideroom.

A visa is not required to apply. Once admitted, there are specific visa guidelines. Please see the Visas & Documents section below.

Proof of Funds

Once an international student applies to Summer College, the student must show proof of sufficient funding to be able to receive the I-20 forms necessary to secure the appropriate visa.

Acceptable proof includes:

  • For privately sponsored applicants, a signed letter of support from the bank that includes the U.S. dollar amount of support and certified bank statements, which indicate that the sponsor has sufficient funds to meet the program costs.
  • The certified bank statement need not show the total amount of funds in the account. Rather, it must state that the account has funds to meet the program costs. A statement of income or earnings does not constitute proof of sufficient funds.
  • Government-sponsored applicants must submit a certified copy of the award letter that includes the U.S. dollar amount of the award per year, the duration of the award, and a list of expenses covered by the award.


All students are required to upload a full high school transcript in the Slideroom Application. If you are an international student, please ensure that your transcript has been translated into English.

Scholarship & Aid for International Students

International students are not eligible for Syracuse University Summer College financial aid and scholarship. International students are encouraged to reach out to their local Embassies to determine if there are any scholarships or aid available. International students are, however, eligible for discounts including the legacy alumni discount and multi-program discount. For more information on discounts, view our Scholarship & Discounts page. 

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Admitted International Student Responsibilities

Visas and Documents

If you are taking a noncredit program:

International students enrolled in noncredit programs do not qualify for F-1 immigration sponsorship. International students taking noncredit courses are encouraged to enter the United States in a temporary visitor status that allows for participation in a short, noncredit, course of study. For citizens of countries requiring a visa to enter the U.S., participants should obtain a B-2 “Visitor for Pleasure” visa to enter the U.S. Citizens of countries who enjoy the benefits of the Visa Waiver Program should obtain ESTA clearance and enter the U.S. in WT “Waiver Tourist” status.

If you are enrolled in a credit program:

Unless you already have an appropriate visa which includes the provision of academic study, Syracuse University will issue you an I-20 document that you will need in order to apply for your F or J Student Visa at a United States Embassy or Consulate. You can expect to receive your I-20 approximately three weeks after making your deposit online. Note that as an international student taking a credit-bearing course, you are not permitted to attend Summer College on a B-1/B-2 visitor visa.

Once you arrive on campus, if you are issued the F or J Student Visa, you MUST check-in to the Slutzker Center for International Services. This should be done on the first Monday to the start of your program at 4:30pm EST. 

  • Arriving Saturday, June 29? Check in at Slutzker on Monday, July 1 at 4:30pm EST
  • Arriving Saturday, July 13? Check in at Slutzker on Monday, July 15 at 4:30pm EST
  • Arriving Saturday, July 27? Check in at Slutzker on Monday, July 29 at 4:30pm EST

Required Actions

Please refer to the New Student Checklist to see other necessary tasks that you must complete before you arrive on campus. You must complete the “Required Actions for ALL Students” along with the “Additional Actions for Residential Students” if you are residing on campus.

Health Insurance for International Students

All international students who attend Syracuse University Summer College will be provided a necessary health insurance plan through Syracuse University Summer College.

Services for International Students

The Slutzker Center for International Services is the resource for international students, scholars and their dependents on issues related to immigration status, employment, cultural, social and academic concerns which impact your success at Syracuse University. The staff and programs at the Slutzker Center help you with your transition to life at Syracuse University.