Student demonstrating Engineering project

July 6 – August 14, 2015*

*Orientation and move-in starts on Sunday, July 5.

All 6-week courses offered through Summer College are college-level, credit-bearing courses. Students earn up to seven college credits. Programs and courses are offered in many areas of study and in two enrollment types:  programs/courses that are exclusive to Summer College students and programs/courses that are open to both Summer College students and SU students.  Students are enrolled in two courses, the exception being Architecture, due to the number of studio hours.

Name of Program / Courses Courses # of Credit Hours Summer College Students only
Architecture ARC 193 6 Yes
Engineering(2nd course selected from Liberal Arts list) ECS 125 33 or 4 YesNo
Forensic Science – 1 CHE 113FSC 200 42 NoNo
Law(2nd course selected from Liberal Arts list) CRS 125 33 or 4 YesNo
Liberal Arts 30+ Courses30+ Courses 3 or 43 NoNo
Media Literacy, Popular Culture & Democracy(WRT 104 is required) CFE 200WRT 104 33 YesYes
Public Communications(2nd course selected from Liberal Arts list) COM 107 33 or 4 YesNo

Liberal Art Courses

The Liberal Arts program gives Summer College students the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate courses at Syracuse University. More than 40 courses are opened to high school student participation each summer. Opportunities can be found in a variety of departments.