2 Weeks / Noncredit

Digital Photography: from Pixels to Print

Sat. June 30 & Sun. July 1 mandatory move-in & orientation 

Class runs July 2 – July 13, 2018 

This hands-on summer program for high school students offers an overview of digital photography from capture to output, technique, and conceptual framework. We start with the technical basics of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed and build up from there. Once we understand how these settings work in conjunction with each other, we begin to explore composition, framing, and creative exposure.

In this class, we will be looking at photographic work from its invention through to current exhibitions for inspiring ways to use photography.  Beyond just using a camera to capture images we work on images with Photoshop, begin to integrate the workflow of file management, and work with Camera RAW files, and digital inkjet printing.  Our daily routine will be packed full of work and fun.  Most days we will start with a lecture or demo ranging from technical knowledge to conceptual discussions; after the discussion, we will venture out for group exercises related to the morning lecture followed by a break for lunch; when we return from lunch we will spend time in the lab either processing or critiquing the images we shot throughout the day.  By the end of this class you will have an expanded knowledge of Photography both in history and technique.

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STUDENTS:  You are not required to bring a camera.  However if you own a DSLR camera, feel free to bring it to use on for various projects.

This class is currently limited to 18 students.

Program Costs:

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*Program rates are subject to change and will be approved by the board of trustees in March.

*Students must be 15 years of age by the orientation and move-in date.

Faculty Bio

Jacob Riddle – Instructor, Transmedia Studies

Jacob Riddle work abandons the almost universal hierarchical form of organization and it’s inherent ties to value.  The differentiation between image and object, representation and actual, physical and virtual, reality and actuality become arbitrary.  Working this way Jacob doesn’t create in the physical or the virtual but instead forms a hybrid studio space not differentiating between physical and virtual.

Recent Exhibitions include Unlearning / Interpretations a Collaboration with HAiK & Toril Johannessen at Rodbianco, Oslo, Norway; DESPERADO a Collaboration with HAiK in Tokyo, JP; Fixed Target, Jajaja Space at University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN; Second Nature part of PAMAL at École Supérieure d’Art d’Avignon, Avignon France; Input/Output at Sycamore Gallery, Cincinnati, OH; Warsaw Photo Days at Dom Funkcjonalny, Warsaw Poland; Galleri Christinegaard, Bergen, Norway. Jacob was also recently Artist in Residence at Flaggfabriken in Bergen Norway and Arteles in Haukijärvi, Finland. Jacob has previously ran galleries in Cincinnati, Ohio; Syracuse, New York; and has contributed to ilikethisart.net since 2010.