Syracuse Student Moving In to dorm

A significant part of Summer College is the opportunity to live in a residence hall and share living space with high school students from a variety of backgrounds. This is a broadening experience that cultivates strong bonds among students. All residential students live in a residence hall on the Syracuse University campus and are under the supervision of the Office of Residence Life.

Summer College Residence Hall Set Up

Residence hall assignments are designated by the University in the spring.  While most SU halls have a variety of layouts and configurations, Summer College follows a set of criteria for setting up the living environment:

  • The selected hall is dedicated exclusively to high school populations.
  • All students have at least one roommate.* (Most rooms are open doubles.)
  • Gender division is made by floor (and/or wing, depending on the residence hall assigned).
  • RAs (Resident Advisors) occupy rooms evenly distributed throughout the hall.
  • Access to residential floors is restricted to residents on their own floors.
  • Main floors and the common areas are accessible to the entire building.
  • Roommate selections are made at random shortly before students arrive.


Students are permitted to request roommates.  Potential roommate pairs must mutually request each other on their application in order for the request to be considered.

A student may occupy a room as a single in the event of an imbalance of students and room capacities. This is done on a need basis of in the event of a student dismissal.  Summer College residential students are typically placed in a double occupancy residence hall room for the duration of their Summer College program. Requests for reasonable accommodations in University housing facilities and/or with University meal plans, are handled by the Office of Disability Services.

Residential Staff

The live-in residential staff is trained to create an atmosphere that encourages Summer College students to adjust quickly and comfortably to the college environment at Syracuse. The staff includes at least one Residence Director and up to three Assistant Residence Directors who are full-time residence life professionals. These individuals usually hold, or are working toward, advanced degrees in the field of student affairs. Resident Advisors are mature Syracuse University undergraduate and graduate students who offer academic support, plan and supervise sporting and social activities, form a student community-living standards program, and arrange enriching field trips and special events.


Summer College students have access to Syracuse University recreational facilities, including sports fields and courts, gyms with workout equipment, game rooms, a pool, and an ice skating rink.  While the primary focus of Summer College is educational, the residence hall staff organizes a range of social events, activities, and trips so students with widely varying interests can find opportunities to socialize and have fun.

Residential activities include: karaoke, sporting events and competitions, ice skating, dances, talent shows, movie nights, picnics, SU information sessions and education programs, trips to amusement parks, state parks, beaches, museums and concerts.  Like most college students, you’ll find that just hanging with friends is one of the best activities of all. Summer College students have all the freedoms of undergraduate students during the day and evening hours, and participation in the planned activities is optional. Unlike undergraduates, Summer College students have a curfew and are required to be in the residence hall by 11:00 p.m., Sunday-Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Commuter Students

Students who live in the Syracuse area have the option of attending Summer College while residing at home. In an effort to create community, commuter students are encouraged to become part of the residential community by attending activities, events, meetings, etc. in the residence hall.  As a commuter, you will be given access to the residence hall during the day and evening hours.  You are encouraged to engage in study groups, participate in all residential programming, and attend the weekend trips and events.  Summer College welcomes commuters to be part of the larger residential community (without actually staying overnight or attending all meals at the dining hall), as you are an important part of the Summer College community.  Commuters are recommended to add $ to their SUID cards in order to have lunch with their classmates int he dining hall.

Residence Hall Security

The Summer College residence hall is accessible by card-swipe only and an RSA (Residential Security Aide) is positioned at the main entrance 24 hours a day for the duration of the program.  Students’ SUID cards, and the SUID cards of the residential staff and other University personnel, are coded for entry into the building.  Everyone entering the building is required to show their SUID card to the RSA to verify they are admissible into the hall.  Summer College students are permitted to have guests during designated hours.  Students are responsible for their guests and they must sign them in and out with the RSA.

Check out the FAQ page for more information related to residence life.