Media Literacy, Popular Culture & Democracy

Class of: 2019

East Elmhurst,  New York

Syracuse University has been my dream school since my freshman year. Therefore, when I learned about Summer College at SU, I leaped at the opportunity. I was ecstatic when I learned that I was accepted into the Media Literacy, Democracy and Popular Culture program. This course meant being at SU for six weeks, which is a long time being away from my family and friends at home and it also meant being in a classroom for most of my summer break. But I knew that this course would change my life and it sure did. My class and I completed several papers, hours of assignments and read what felt like millions of articles and chapters. However, I was finally being challenged, so I savored every second of it. While learning about the society we live in and how I contribute to it, I met tons of friends from all of the programs who I am still in contact with. We did everything together and we pushed each other to do our best, which made it such a positive and loving environment to be a part of. However, I did not realize how much I loved being at Syracuse until my mom came and visited me. When she was boarding her bus, she said to me that it looks like I already belong here and this is already my home and she loves that I am so happy here. This moment is when I knew that my experience at Summer College was all worth it because I made a home at SU and I hope to return to become part of the class of 2019.