Management and Technology in the Business World

Class of: 2015

Brookyln,  New York

“At Syracuse, I studied management and entrepreneurship. This program was about making your own business that was going to be successful. This program is an eye opener for me because I was only looking at being an engineer, but now I see other things that I like and I need to try new things. I really do consider creating a business, because this is something that could benefit society.”

“For me, a typical day was going to class and then relaxing after. I had two classes everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. In between these two classes, I had a one hour break. In that one hour break, everyone went to get lunch either at the dining hall with your ID card or go to Marshall St. and pay with their own money. I was free to do what I want and I made smart decisions throughout. I went to the dining hall because I wanted to save money. My last class ended at 3:30 and I took the option of talking to some students that actually go to the college. Also, I played basketball in the gym and I was able to have a good time getting better at that so I was constantly working. Plus, I was getting more information on how the college life is, which was getting your work done first and then relaxing after because it will catch up to you.” !

“My favorite thing that I did on the program was meeting new people and talking to college students. It took me out my comfort zone and the experience was great, because everyone was friendly and gave me information about the real college courses. I really do consider going again for the summer and also for college itself.”

“One thing that surprised me was the level of sophistication with the program. The classes were good and I feel like I was always learning a lot. Another thing that surprised me was the level of freedom that I was offered because there was no one there to tell me what to do. A lot of the decisions I had to make were on my own. It was a big wake up call for me because I had to make good use of my independence.”

Sean Dick
Sean Dick