Most Positive Aspects of the Academic Program:

  • She told us this was the first time in her academic career she really loved what she was studying!
  • The overall college experience, the activities planned, the outings, and the opportunities to make new friends as interested in college as she is, in a structured environment, a step between high school restrictions and the “anything goes” of college. Well done!
  • He had the opportunity to work directly with a current Syracuse University professor and catch a glimpse of what college life may be life.  It was also beneficial that the student/teacher ratio was as small as it was.

Residential Quality, Services, etc.:

  • All services were excellent!
  • The activities offered sounded like fun for everyone.  I understand the residential staff were well trained and available.

Experience in Relation to Your Expectations:

  • Just a great overall experience and a very worthwhile investment.
  • She returned stronger and more confident than we would have expected.
  • He came back a more mature person.  He also was more confident in knowing where he wants to attend college and what he wants to do.

How Has Summer College Affected Your Student’s Confidence:

  • A real boost.
  • The confidence she gained was another huge benefit of Summer College. She had never been on her own for such an extended period of time. Summer College proved to her that she can handle college level academics and also manage the social aspects of college.
  • He gained tremendous confidence in himself as a college student over the course of the 6 weeks.  He also learned to live with a roommate and made friends from all over the country.  He hated to say goodbye last Friday!

What Did You Like Most About Your Student’s Summer College Experience:

  • I liked the fact that she was so stimulated with what she was learning and couldn’t get enough.
  • The exceptional instructor and staff members who always made themselves available to the students.
  • He was able to get a very good feel for his major and this summer helped him make decisions for his future in college.
  • She came home feeling good about herself. She accomplished a lot academically while also gaining maturity and confidence.
  • We think the educational experience was tremendous but the fact that he could get a taste of college before his senior year of high school has excited him and made him want to really excel in high school this year.  It has given him a much greater self confidence in himself.

Additional Comments:

  • The SU Summer Program experience may be THE turning point in our son’s life.
  • It was a great experience not only for my son but also for us as a family. We look forward to possibly seeing you in the summer of 2010 for summer start!
  • I think she liked everything and really bonded well with the other students.  She didn’t want to come home.