Residence Hall Information

See where you will be living this summer! Explore the dorms, set up, roommate selection process, and more.

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Dining Halls

There’s are so many delicious options to choose from? See what’s included in your meal plan and where you can eat on campus!

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Health & Safety

The Syracuse University campus provides their own Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Health Services department equipped to handle your needs.

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Campus Activities & Events

What is there to do on Syracuse University’s campus? A lot! Summer College students have full student access to Syracuse University’s world-class facilities.

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Academic Support

Syracuse University offers a wealth of academic support centers throughout campus including: tutoring, ITS, the Office of Disability Center, and more. We want you to have the smoothest transition to pre-college life and they are here to help!

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Getting Around Campus

There’s so much to explore! Find out how to get around Syracuse University campus including bus schedules, taxi information, and more.

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