Refund Schedule

This refund policy applies to payments other than the initial deposit. The initial deposit and $60 application fee is non-refundable.

Session 50% Refund Deadline 0% Refund Deadline
Summer Programs June 1 – June 15 June 16 or later
6-week programs 50% 0%
4-week programs 50% 0%
3-week programs 50% 0%
Session 1 June 1 – June 15 June 16 or later
2-week programs 50% 0%
Session 2 June 15 – June 30 June 30 or later
2-week programs

1-week programs

50% 0%
Session 3 June 30 – July 13 July 14 or later
2-week programs 50% 0%

The table above reflects the percentage of the amount already credited towards a student’s account that will be refunded once an official refund request has been submitted to our office. Requests may be made by submitting an e-mail to No refunds will be given to students dismissed from the program. Room and board refunds provided during the program are pro-rated based upon extenuating circumstances and are determined by the Executive Director of Summer College.