Move-Out Information

Although we are sad to see you leave, Summer College wants to make sure that you know everything you need to know as you begin preparing for your departure.

Departure Date

  • Students may check out of the residence hall following their last academic obligation, which is typically no later than the last Friday of the session at 4:00pm. You may begin moving out as soon as your last class is finished. Please refer to your program page for specific last academic obligation completion times.
  • Students must move out of their room, return their room key, and check out at the main desk of the residence hall no later than 9:00am on Saturday, the morning after the last day of the program.
  • If students are unable to leave until later in the day on Saturday, they will be able to store their luggage in a secure space in the residence hall until 12 noon.
  • Please keep in mind that the Hancock International Airport (SYR) and the Regional Transportation Center is approximately 20 minutes from campus. Summer College shuttles leave campus approximately two hours before scheduled plane or bus/train departures. Please make reservations accordingly.

Please note that some courses have end events that may extend beyond 4:00pm. Please check your individual program page for details regarding the end event.

Check-Out Responsibilities

  • You are responsible for returning your room key(s) and security sticker to the main desk. Failure to return your key through either process will result in a $50 charge for a lock core change. Additionally, if you return a key other than the one that was provided to you, you will also be charged $50 for a lock core change. The Office of Residence Life does not accept keys mailed back to the University, so please be sure to turn in your key BEFORE you leave.
  • You will need to make sure that your room is emptied AND cleaned prior to your departure. Any items you leave behind in your room will either be donated or discarded.
  • If you have a microfridge in your room, you must unplug it and clean it/throw out any food items in it prior to your departure and leave it in the room.
  • Place all trash in the trash rooms.
  • If you checked out a fan and/or linens, please bring those down to the main desk upon your checkout and place them in the grey bins by the desk.
  • Any furniture that you moved must be put back the way you originally found it.
  • Remember to grab your door decoration as a souvenir.

Donating Items: Ten Tons of Love

Have some lightly used items that you would be willing to donate for a family in need? Then participate in our donation program called “Ten Tons of Love.” A collection box will be located in the ground floor lobby area in the residence halls for students to donate items to local agencies during the last few days of the program. Items such as lightly worn clothing/shoes, desk lamps, shelves, non-perishable food, etc. are welcome. We ask that you and your families refrain from going through the donation boxes. Additionally, we ask that you refrain from dumping any trash in the donation boxes as well. All trash should be discarded in the designated trash rooms around the hall.

Departing Syracuse

For more information on transportation, view the Transportation to and from Syracuse page.