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Why Syracuse University Summer College?

  He was able to get a very good feel for his major and this summer helped him make decisions for his future in college.  

For 60 years, Syracuse University Summer College has been providing high school students with the unique opportunity to explore potential majors and careers while living the life a college student. Students learn about what college is like and, in the process, become more confident and excited for their future. Students are taught by University faculty and instructors and have access to campus resources like libraries and recreational facilities (gyms, tennis courts, sports fields, and pools). Summer College students live on campus in a residence hall with other high school students and eat meals in a dining hall. College prep workshops, campus tours, and admissions interviews are also available to students. In addition, all Summer College participants who apply to Syracuse University as an undergrad will have their application fee waived.

Don’t Take It From Us, Hear from Our Summer College Alumni!

Preparing Your Student for Success

The confidence she gained was another huge benefit of Summer College. She had never been on her own for such an extended period of time. Summer College proved to her that she can handle college level academics and also manage the social aspects of college.  

High school student in the Summer College cybersecurity program
A Summer College student during the Cybersecurity: Hackathon Challenge

All Summer College programs replicate the feel of undergraduate courses taught at Syracuse University. Programs are college-level, engaging, and hands-on. They are taught by SU faculty, instructors, and teaching assistants and are held in lecture halls, labs, studios, and other spaces around campus. Educational field trips are incorporated into the teaching in most programs to broaden the scope of learning. Many programs require that students complete nightly assignments and work on group projects. We understand that many students may require academic assistance. The Writing Center is available to students who need help with essays and papers. Resident advisers can help arrange study groups and tutoring. We also encourage students to reach out to their program instructors if they are having any difficulty. One of the ways a Summer College experience prepares high school students for success as undergraduates is by showing them how to navigate the academic system. The process of needing help, asking for it, and finding success is empowering.

Our students experience success in summer and beyond. From 2001-2015, our Summer College alumni indicated that:

  • 97% have or are in progress toward their bachelor’s degree
  • 26% have or are in progress toward their master’s degree

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Gaining Independence

  We think the educational experience was tremendous, but the fact that he could get a taste of college before his senior year of high school has excited him and made him want to really excel in high school this year. It has given him a much greater self confidence.  

Students will gain a glimpse into Syracuse University while pursing various academic studies. They have all the opportunities as a typical undergraduate. Summer College provides scheduled events and activities similar to those during the academic year, and pre-college students will learn time-management skills by balancing classes, activities, and free time outside of class. One of the primary components of the Summer College experience is for students to learn how to live on their own, to manage their time, and to be responsible for their actions. Therefore, Summer College students will have a good deal of autonomy and freedom in their schedules. They will spend between 16 and 30 hours per week in the classroom, studio, lab, and/or theater while the remaining time is to be organized around studying, writing papers, rehearsing, doing laundry, attending (optional) residential activities, and socializing.

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Connecting with Your Student

  She returned stronger and more confident than we would have expected.  

Summer College Pre-Med Students Visiting Golisano Children's Hospital
Summer College Pre-Med Students Visiting Golisano Children’s Hospital

Although we advise students to keep in contact with their parents/guardians while they’re on campus, we want them to solve problems on their own like a “real” college student. Part of receiving the true college experience requires that students be their own advocate. Summer College students have many resources on campus. Resident Advisers, Teaching Assistants, faculty, and the Summer College office are all here to help. While we are happy to speak with parents, we encourage you to have your student contact the Summer College office or another adult directly with any comments, concerns, or issues that may arise.

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Safety and Supervision

  It was a great experience not only for my son but also for us as a family.  

At Syracuse University Summer College, we are committed to the safety and well-being of students. The Summer College office works with both Syracuse University Department of Public Safety as well as Syracuse University Health Services to provide care and support to pre-college students.

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Our Programs

  The SU Summer Program experience may be THE turning point in our son’s life.  

With 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6-week credit and noncredit programs, there’s something for everyone. Your child can build a portfolio or resume, explore a new interest, or further develop a longstanding talent.

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Syracuse University Summer College high school students group photo
Syracuse University Summer College Aerospace Engineering students at the Air Traffic Control Tower


Making Summer College Affordable

  Just a great overall experience and a very worthwhile investment.  

There are a variety of financial aid and discount options available. Are you a graduate of Syracuse University? We offer a 15% discount on tuition and program fees (excludes Room and Board) to children and grandchildren (and great grandchildren!) of Syracuse University Alumni. Program costs vary. Check out all of our discounts and scholarships for Syracuse University Summer College.

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Visiting Syracuse University Summer College

  I think she liked everything and really bonded well with the other students. She didn’t want to come home.  

Want to visit the campus? View how to get to Syracuse University and make the most of your travel accommodations. This page contains information on hotels and lodging as well as how to get your student to campus.

Getting to Syracuse

What to Do When My Child is Accepted

Congratulations! We are so excited that your student will be joining us for Syracuse University Summer College. To prepare your student for success, please be sure that they complete the tasks found in the New Student Checklist. If these items are not completed, your student may not be able to move in or participate in various activities. Also, don’t forget to check out our Image Collection for our “Proud Parent of a Summer College Student” shareable photos!

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