Due to the current course of COVID-19 and the expansion of public health directives relating to social distancing, Syracuse University Summer College has been moved online. Our 40+ online programs are an excellent way to learn about potential college majors and academic interests from the comfort of your homes. Students will receive high quality instruction, most of which includes synchronous content in the form of live video classes  with the instructor, and asynchronous content that may include videos, guest lectures, virtual field trips, demonstrations, and end events.

All online programs for Summer 2020 will be finalized on May 1, 2020. Please click here to browse all online programs.


Program Overview

iSchool 8th Annual It Girls Event 2018
IT girls pose for a photo in front of Hendricks Chapel

The It Girls program gives girls in high school the courage and tenacity they need to solve real problems. Girls participating in the It Girls Summer College program will take part in a variety of information and technology related workshops, which will introduce them to topics centered around careers in technology, including but not limited to:

  • Web Design
  • Project Management
  • Human Centered Design
  • Social Media
  • Information Security
  • Information Literacy
  • Data Science/Analytics

This will be accomplished through mini-lectures, hands-on activities, escape the lab scenarios, and the building of a technology portfolio that will include the results of their projects each day.

Participants will become empowered and informed about leveraging and utilizing technology. Students leave the experience feeling energized, driven, and curious about information technology – so they seek other opportunities in STEM.

The iSchool at Syracuse University developed the IT Girls program in 2011 to create a pathway for girls in high school to have an introduction to the field of IT and consider it as an academic and career path. The program features a college orientation and campus tour, a faculty-led mini course,a team hackathon event, inspirational speakers, and social activities! An essential piece of the program involves creating meaningful connections between professional women, iSchool alumni who work in the IT industry, and the girls.

Program Objectives

  • Inspire girls to become empowered and informed about leveraging and utilizing technology to solve real world problems
  • Join a growing movement of superstar girls taking on high-tech STEM related jobs
  • Learn how to be a problem-solver, critical thinker, and leader in the technology fields
  • Build connections with other girls who want to take on these same challenges

Scholarship Information

The It Girls Summer College Program has a variety of scholarships available to help support the program. These scholarships are sponsored by the Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) and our industry partners: Microsoft, GE, IBM, Synchrony Financial, and EY. The scholarship deadline for this program is April 15, 2020. 

It Girls Scholarships and reimbursement awards are as follows:

  • A full program scholarship up to $3,560
  • 50% program scholarship up to $1,780
  • Partial awards for strong academic performance
  • A select number of partial reimbursements for travel related expenses

To apply for any of these exclusive It Girls awards, please follow these instructions:

  1. Apply to Summer College
  2. When applying, select “It Girls” as your program of choice
  3. Select that you’re interested in Merit Aid and complete the Merit essay prompt

All students who are chosen for any of the scholarships or reimbursements will be notified via email to the email address they provide in the Summer College application.

Computer Studies Track

Interested in learning more about computers? Summer College students can choose an additional computer studies program in a consecutive session and receive 10% off both sessions. Choose two additional computer studies programs and receive 15% off all three sessions (Scholarship and Financial Aid will apply to each program attended). Or build your own track and explore even more of what Syracuse University has to offer!

Session I: June 27 – July 10: Digital Forensics, It Girls

Session II: July 11 – July 24: Learn to Code, MakerSpace & 3D Printing, Mobile App Development

Session III: July 25 – August 7: Computer Animation and Game Design, Cybersecurity: Hackathon Challenge

 View all programs by session date to build your own track!

Learn more about IT Girls:

Program Dates & Details Eligibility Requirements Program Cost Program Requirements Typical Day Faculty Bios

Program Dates & Details

Session Dates

Session I: June 27 – July 10, 2020
Duration: 2 weeks


Credit: Noncredit
Grading System: Pass/Fail

Eligibility Requirements

Female rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. While a portfolio is not necessary, some proof of interest or experience in technology is helpful. Your essay should also reflect a connection to why you want part of this movement. Students must be a minimum of 15 years of age by the orientation and move-in date. For full Summer College admission requirements, view the Admissions Overview and Eligibility page.

Apply Now!

Program Cost

Program Costs:

  • Residential: $3,560
  • Commuter: $2,746

*Please visit our Program Costs page for more detailed information. Program rates are subject to change and will be approved by the board of trustees in March.  Discounts and scholarships are also available.

Program Requirements

Student Expectations

Students accepted into this class will be expected to have a passion for learning, especially in the technology arena. They will work on several different technology projects, such as developing a mobile application, developing their own website, using math algorithms to create patterns, to name a few. Each project will end with a finished product that will be uploaded into their own personal portfolio, so that by the end of the program, they will have a digital portfolio to include in their college applications. The ability to work on a team, to work creatively, and to ideate is a must!

This is an academically rigorous, college-level program. Students are expected to complete nightly homework assignments and actively participate in group projects. Students are expected to attend all classes every day, arrive on time, and meet all academic obligations. Free time will vary as each program is unique, as is the subsequent workload.

Typical Day

Tentative Schedule

  • 9:00am – 11:30am – topical lecture and group work
  • 11:30am – 12:45pm – lunch (with interspersed lunch speakers, potentially)
  • 1:00pm – 4:00pm – labs, group work, or extra-curricular activity such as tour or ropes course, etc.

When class is over, and on weekends, students can look forward to various Summer College trips and activities. Check out our Campus Activities page for more information!

Field Trips: TBA

End Event: Celebratory luncheon with portfolio presentations and awards ceremony on their final Friday. Parents are invited.

Final Academic Obligation

Students are permitted to leave on Friday, July 10 after 4:30pm upon the completion of the final class. If students have any questions regarding their final academic obligation, we encourage them to reach out to their instructor. Please refer to the Move-Out page for important information regarding the checkout process.

Faculty Bio

Jennifer Stromer-Galley – Professor in the School of Information Studies and Director for the Center for Computational and Data Science

Jennifer Stromer-Galley is professor in the School of Information Studies and director for the Center for Computational and Data Science. She is an affiliated faculty member with the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies and with the Department of Political Science.

Jenny has been studying “social media” since before it was called social media, studying online interaction and strategic communication in a variety of contexts, including political forums and online games. She has published over 50 journal articles, proceedings, and book chapters. Her award-winning book, Presidential Campaigning in the Internet Age (Oxford University Press), provides a history of presidential campaigns as they have adopted and adapted to digital communication technologies. She was a Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. The Fellowship supported a collaborative research project, Illuminating 2016, studying the 2016 presidential campaign by collecting and algorithmically classifying the candidates’ and public’s postings on social media. Stromer-Galley was Principal Investigator of an $5.2 million project called Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Collaboration and Evaluation (TRACE) project. Funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Program Activity (IARPA), the project experimented with reasoning and reporting,techniques to improve analysis (read more). She is currently co-PI on a Twitter Conversational Health grant to study various dimensions of problematic conversation on the platform, and on a WhatsApp grant to study political misinformation in Brazil and the United States. She has recently begun to study conspiracy theories and ways to reduce conspiracy thinking using a variety of techniques. Mentoring the next generation of scholars is something she particularly enjoys. Jenny practices yoga and is a runner. She has recently taken up weightlifting and boxing, and is a novice guitar player. She cares for a menagerie of dogs, cats, fish, plants, and daughters.